2021 Domaine Gardiés Côtes du Roussillon Blanc "Les Glacières"

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Jean Gardiés is an 8th generation winemaker working in Roussillon, about an hour north of the Spanish border. After taking over the family business in the early 90's, he followed the lead of local biodynamic hero Gerard Gauby as an early regional proponent of biodynamic farming. Out of his domaine comes a full range of table wines, mostly blends of regional varieties, along with the delicious and out-of-fashion vin doux naturels for which the region is historically known. "Les Glacières" is made from a majority of roussanne rounded out with grenache blanc and grenache gris. It's an exercise in balance: rich but light, fruity and refreshing, with pleasant aromas of pear and apricot. We enjoyed it with a simple Greek pasta salad but it will take kindly to a variety of pairings -- just keep it light and fresh. And if you enjoy "Les Glacières", be sure to check out Gardiés' red blend "Les Millères" which is a current casual cart selection.

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