2021 HER Chenin Blanc

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A majority black-owned, environmentally sustainable company operated and led by women of color, Adama Wines in Wellington, South Africa is shaping change. The name Adama (no known relation to Battlestar Galactica) means “from the soil” and the cooperative is engaged in various programs to bring social impact and economic development opportunities to all farm workers, their families, and the community. The HER wine collection is designed to celebrate “the women in our lives who strive to make the world a better place.” Chenin blanc vines journeyed to South Africa from their home in the Loire Valley in the mid 17th century where it has since thrived. An incredibly versatile grape, chenin can range from light and zesty to rich and complex, often serving as a great compromise between friends with differing tastes. The HER chenin blanc is crisp and thirst quenching, with loads of green fruit, a great match for summer salads, grilled seafood, or just toasting the brilliant women in your life—so say we all!

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