2021 Icaro "Rosario" Rosato Meticcio"

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“Elegant but at the same time deeply material. Difficult to frame in the classic schemes of purity. Rosario is a frontier wine that reveals energy and sensuality from the first to the last sip.
The soul of Trebbiano and Malvasia meets 1/4 of the best Nero Buono in direct pressing. They unite, they influence each other, they find strength in intermingling. They ferment together, spontaneously, in fiberglass, giving unexpected acidity, elegance, fruit and depth. There is the vineyard and there is the volcano but there is also something elusive; the salt and balsamic of Mediterranean herbs.
Rosario is a hymn to freedom and letting go, it combines strength and refinement, a territorial heart and originality. Rosario is the new, half-caste rosé of the Castelli Romani!”

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