2021 Perraud “Brut de Cuve”

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Isabelle and Bruno Perraud’s Côtes de la Molière in Vauxrenard was established in 1987. Bruno is a sixth generation vigneron and initially farmed and made wine in the conventional (i.e. chemical inputs) method of the time. In 1999, Bruno was poisoned by an insecticide and became very ill. The couple immediately switched to organic farming, having to relearn everything in a process they describe as brutal, but vital. By 2002, they were organic certified and eliminated inputs in the wines as well. Isabelle is an outspoken feminist and has been fearless in calling out misogyny in the French wine world. This jubilant label is inspired by the Nana sculptures of French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle, and was conceived as a response to the proliferation of sexist wine labels. 2021 was a complicated growing season in Beaujolais, with frosts, rain, and a cooler year that reduced yields significantly, but the Perrauds continue with their commitment to honest farming. The Brut de Cuve cuvée has no sulfites added, just grapes — with a soft prickle on the tongue, savory edge, peppy red fruit, and clocking in at just 11.5% abv, it’s pure enjoyment! Pop it in the fridge for a few minutes before serving alongside a spread of colorful dips and crackers on a random afternoon. Day drinking and spring dreaming at its finest…

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