2021 Schieber Trilogia Kadarka

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variety: kadarka
appellation: Szekzárd, Hungary

Finally, the kadarka we've all been waiting for! Brought to you by the Schieber winery, a vast, ambitious mixed use farm in the Baja region of southern Hungary established by Markus Schieber in 2010. They propagate a wide range of eastern European and international varieties, a few of which caught the attention of Georgian Wine House, a heretofore Georgia-exclusive importer based near Washington, D.C.. Kadarka is most significant for its inclusion in the blend of Egri Bikaver, a.k.a. "Bull's Blood", Hungary's vinous claim to fame outside of Tokaji. On its own, we love this version's feral, spicy, coniferous feel, which we freely admit wanting to cozy up with next to a plate of chicken or mushroom paprikash. 

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