2022 Pomalo Freskavina

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Terrain: Volcanic and sandy soils with white clay stones, on a bedrock of slate and granite.

Farming: Sustainable viticulture and accordance with integrated farming guidelines.

Vinification: Embracing the minimal intervention approach in the cellar, hand-harvested grapes were destemmed, a short maceration, then pressed into a stainless steel tank to undergo spontaneous fermentation. Racked and left for 5 months on the lees. Lightly sulfured and filtered before bottling.

Tasting Notes: Graševina (aka Welschriesling) is the most widely planted white grape in Croatia, and most prominently grown in the Slavonia area near the border of Hungary.

The whole point of Pomalo is to take it easy and not take things too seriously – like the name of this wine: Freškavina, loosely translated to “freshy wine”. Nothing too technical here, its true that finding a wild ferment of Graševina in Croatia is not an easy ask. With the gentle expression of native yeast fermentations, Freškavina, exudes the floral aromatics and tropical fruit expression of Welschriesling, with a bright and crispy backbone that makes it super oh so refreshing. In a region famous for cured and smoked pork, pair with paprika cured meats (Kulen), fish paprikaš, vegetable stew, and crispy lard cracklings (čvarci).

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