2022 Rouvalis "Asprolithi" Patra Roditis

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Angelos Rouvalis founded the Rouvalis Winery in 1990 in Patras, Peloponnese. He was one of the pioneers of the terroir-driven Greek wine renaissance of the 90’s and built the first gravity-flow winery in the country which utilizes mountainous terrain to gently shepherd the wine from grape to bottle without the use of pumps and other machines which can cause over-extraction, oxidation or excess tannin. Today, the winery is run by his daughter Theodora Rouvalis and her partner, Αntonio Ruiz Pañego, both trained oenologists, who have worked all around the world, including in Burgundy for 3 years, where they tended some Grand Cru vineyards in Morey Saint Denis. “Asprolithi” is made from 100% roditis grown on steep, stony hillsides at 840m-1100m altitude. Grapes are hand harvested and then fermented in stainless steel. The result is a mineral-rich, refreshing mix of citrus and exotic fruits and a nice long finish. We enjoyed it alongside a spread of grilled chicken kebabs, zucchini and couscous salad so think Mediterranean fare or fish for a pairing. 

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