2022 Chertok "Shekhina"

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Note from Chertok winemaker Max Rose:

This is the sibling to Midrash, one of those brilliantly pink wines that isn’t a rosé so much as a maceration of red and white grapes (Muscat Valvin & inky red Noiret) along with, of course, our farmstead Empires and Maccouns. Shekhina is an abstract Talmudic and Kabbalistic concept. Translating literally to ‘dwelling’ or ‘eminence,’ Shekhina has many meanings to many different people but we like to think of it as representing the encompassing, queenly aspect of the divine that enfolds the mortal world. Mystic bad bitch energy for a pink wine with attitude! While this first release is somewhat limited, we have plans this next year to hugely boost the production on this wine so it can be readily available throughout the warmer months in the same way that Midrash can be relied upon as a staple country wine. Read more here.

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