2023 Marzae Wine "R. typhina"

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Winemakers Notes:

Marzae Sauvage wines are inspired by the edible flora & fauna of New England. R. typhina (staghorn sumac) is one of two very common sumac species that can be seen dotting Massachusetts roadsides. Closely related to the Middle Eastern variety of sumac used as a spice, native sumacs are well known for producing “pink lemonade-type” drinks—a flavor profile that instantly comes to mind with rosé. We’ve always preferred the citrus-y, cherry-y flavors more typically found in Italian rosattos to the more mineral-driven flavor profile of traditional French roses and wanted to craft our rosé in that style. We started with a base of Arandell (a newer red hybrid from New York) that has great citrus and cherry notes, and then added direct press Marquette and semi-carbonic sour cherries to highlight the fruity notes and balance out the pepperiness that can be arandell’s Achilles heel. 

Bottled unfined & unfiltered. Not cold stabilized. Minimal sulfites added at bottling (22ppm addition to assure shelf stability in compliance with the natural wine app Raisin’s definition “natural red wine” as below 30ppm). 100% upstate New York fruit. Wild yeast fermentation, kickstarted with our 100% Greater Boston Area foraged pied du cuve. A violently fast fermentation due to a powerful heatwave threatened to push the arandell over the edge with a reductive fermentation, brought back from the brink with plenty of oxygen introduced to the fermentation—resulting in some exceptionally complex flavors. The marquette in this vintage was battered by a horrible growing season with three spring frosts + heat & rain damage causing early shelling on a usually very hardy grape. The bright acidity and concentrated flavors of the surviving fruit worked perfectly for this coferment.


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