2023 Marzae Wine "V. labrusca"

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Winemakers Notes:

Marzae Sauvage wines are inspired by the edible flora & fauna of New England. V. labrusca (fox
grape) can be found along the edges of woodlands and wetlands throughout Massachusetts &
beyond. If you’re lucky enough to get to one of the berries that wildlife hasn’t helped itself to, you’re
in for a punch of flavor—think funky concord grape (which in fact is derived from labrusca genes,
but we digress). Modelled off the Boujoulais Nouveau style of carbonic maceration, but with our
own local twist, we hope this wine knocks your socks off with its vibrant fruity flavors much the
same way a fox grape would.

Bottled unfined & unfiltered, not even cold stabilized. Minimal sulfites added at bottling for shelf stability (28ppm). This wine was a labor of love to make—made from the same batch of struggling marquette that made our rose this year, we spent 8 hours hand-picking through all the clusters to remove any signs of mold and rot before throwing in a tank with carbon dioxide for a week to begin fermenting from the inside out. The cherries add a real fun, festive New England twist to an otherwise quite classic nouveau flavor profile.

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