Atomic was born in 1996 when two brothers, both professional cyclists at the time, set out to answer the question "how hard can it really be to run a cafe?". The first Atomic Cafe opened on Cabot Street in Beverly later that year. The decision to roast coffee for their own shops eventually spun off into a separate company, Atomic Coffee Roasters, as they set their sights on elevating coffee experiences beyond the four walls of a cafe. There are now two generations of brothers involved in the business. For over two decades, the family behind Atomic has used coffee as a catalyst for inspiring community, relationships, and adventures. Their coffee is always specialty grade, as well as ethically and carefully sourced. They pay a premium to ensure the livelihood of coffee farmers and the quality of the green beans we purchase. All of their coffee is roasted to order, and packaged by hand at their roastery in Salem, MA.