February 2017

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Mikkeller / Grassroots Wheat Is The New Hops
For reasons nobody quite understands, Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead infamy uses the "Grassroots" moniker for some of his collaborative beers, whereas lends the Hill Farmstead name to others (such as his "La Vermontoise" collaboration with Brasserie De Blaugies). At any rate, since the only way to purchase Hill Farmstead in bottle (or in this case, in can) is to either drive up to Greensboro, Vermont, or to snap up his sporadically distributed collaboration beers with other brewers distributed in this market. This collaboration, with Danish wunderkind Mikkeller (Evil Twin's not so evil twin brother), was brewed in Belguim at De Proef, and is an IPA with wheat and fermented with brettanomyces. The resulting beer has many layers of flavor with the hops and wheat giving it bright tropical, citrusy notes, but also some funky elements from the brett which should only increase over time. A pretty unique beer, but a delicious one!
Ritterguts Barentoter Gose-Bock
Gose is a traditional German style of sour beer, and bock is a traditional German style of "strong" beer. Gose-Bock...  isn't really a tradition at all. But if a German brewery known for it's traditional gose has the audacity to buck tradition, we're willing to give it a try. It's good! Whereas Ritterguts flagship gose weighs in at typical for the style 4.2% abv, this brand new offering is a heartier 6.6% abv, and is a darker, amber hue. In addition to the traditional coriander and salt, there is some orange peel and cinnamon added to the mix as well. An interesting spin on an already interesting style, this beer has a full body that is vaguely reminiscent of a Flanders red ale but the flavors are still very much gose.
Allagash Hoppy Table Beer 4pk
Allagash started off 2017 by adding a ninth beer to their year round lineup, simply titled "Hoppy Table Beer".  A delicious, light-bodied beer that will likely be a summertime favorite along with Allagash White, this is a barley-based beer with some Maine-grown oats, coriander, and a blend of four different hops. It's easy drinking, but full of flavor, and it's quickly become a staff favorite here.
Otter Creek Backseat Berner 4pk
Just this week, Otter Creek started shipping tallboy cans of this previously bottle-only offering. It stands to reason they ought to be fresh, right? Into the beer pass it goes. We've only sporadically stocked Otter Creek beers as of late, but gratuitous marijuana-themed artwork aside, we love what Brewmaster Mike has been doing and this IPA with it's blend of citra, simcoe, and cascade hops is bright and dank and all those things hopheads love.
Funky Buddha Nib Smuggler 4pk
South Florida's Funky Buddha has become one of the most sought-after breweries for dark beer enthusiasts, earning accolades for crazy concoctions like their Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (currently on the shelf here at the store!). Not normally available in this state, we briefly are able to stock that crazy beer, and also their "chocolate milk porter" Nib Smuggler as well. I can't remember having a beer that blurred the line between drinking a beer and drinking a yoo-hoo, but yeah, this one does.
2SP Bellcracker
Another brewery that is briefly available in this market due to this weekend's Extreme Beer Fest is Aston, Pennsylvania's 2SP Brewing Co. We only were able to snag a tiny amount of their double IPA Bellcracker, so a single can will have to do you. It's a big old hop bomb, so drink it soon!


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