June 2017

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Mayflower "New World IPA"
We're not sure how Plymouth's Mayflower managed to resist the urge to call their brand new year-round IPA "New England" style. But they did. In truth, it isn't a hazy, cloudy juice bomb, but it does contain a blend of four different Pacific Northwest hops that are all the rage these days. A nice contrast to Mayflower's regular, more British style IPA, there's a lot to like about this hoppy, easy-drinking offering.
Idle Hands "Heide"
Many moons ago we put an Idle Hands beer in our very first edition of our Beer Pass program. Since then, we've had virtually nothing from Idle Hands on our shelves. Supply has been scarce as hens' teeth ever since Chris Tkach and co. opened up their Malden taproom, but luckily last week we were able to acquire more than a single case of cans from Idle Hands for the first time ever. "Heide" is a helles style lager that lives up to the words stamped on the bottom of each can stating that it "TASTES LIKE BEER." No argument here. Crisp and pale, this is a great summer sipper. We hear summer is coming in a few months, maybe.
Cambridge Brewing Company "Hendrix"
Here's an oddball brew from those nutcases over at CBC. Using a base of local barley and wheat, this beer is infused with fresh cucumbers and aged in gin barrels. As you might expect the cucumber taste is fairly pronounced and the resulting beer tastes perhaps more like a cocktail than well, something that "TASTES LIKE BEER.' It's an interesting experiment, and worth a try.
Common Roots "Bright Light"
New to our shelves, Common Roots Brewing Company hails from South Glens Falls, New York and has received considerable accolades for their beers, especially their hop-forward ales. "Bright Light" is their 100% citra hopped double IPA which, as you might expect, has lots of bright, tropical, citrusy flavors.
Central Waters "Brewer's Reserve - Barleywine Ale"
Aside from mass market golden suds, we don't see a whole lot of beer from Wisconsin here in Massachusetts. The barrel aged efforts of Central Waters are a very notable exception. Clocking in at a formidable 11.5% alcohol, this bourbon barrel aged barleywine is suitable for cellaring if you want to lay this one down until winter (or the following winter), but feel free to enjoy the opulent, classic barleywine flavors of toffee and caramel and the vanilla bourbon flavors now if you dare. A massive beer.
Zoller-Hof "Donator Heller" Doppelbock
Our lone international selection this month is from Sigmaringen Germany's Zoller-Hof. A family run brewery since its inception in 1845, Zoller-Hof is, and has been, essentially a gastropub brewery. This unfiltered heller doppelbock is a pale amber color with a bit of haze. Considerably potent at 8.5% alcohol, this is not your typical pale, easy-drinking German beer. Fifty weeks of lagering went into the making of this beer and we think it was worth the wait!


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