November 2016

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Lagunitas Born Yesterday 6pk/12oz
This is the time of year that fresh hop (or wet hop) beers are available, where freshly harvested hops can be used in brewing as opposed to the much more common dried hops. Lagunitas makes one of our favorites, using a variety of alpha hops from Yakima, WA in this 7% abv hop bomb. Super juicy, not entirely different than some of the New England-style IPAs that beer traders are sending across the country, this one also has a rather pronounced and satisfying bitterness. Bottled just over two weeks ago, the time to drink this one is now!
Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale 22oz
We just received a fresh new batch a week ago of this seasonal holiday favorite from Plymouth's Mayflower. But that's not what's in your box of beer this month!  We're giving you 2015's bottling that has been aging in our cellar for a year now, as this 8% abv English Strong Ale (basically a baby barleywine), is particularly suited to aging, mellowing out over time. Gobble 'til you wobble!
Trillium Day & Night 25.4oz
Speaking of barleywine, this a particularly unusual one. Trillium's Day & Night is a blonde barleywine infused with cold brewed coffee. So in addition to the classic toffee, nutty, dark fruit flavors one associates with barleywine, there's some light to medium roast coffee flavors in the mix as well. To be honest, it all sounds slightly gross, but the wizards at Trillium can seem to do no wrong as far as brewing is concerned. Worth a try on a cold night.
Harpoon / Odell EHOP Oatmeal Pale Ale 22oz
Here's a slightly off the beaten path collaboration beer from Harpoon, a brewery you don't often see on our shelves. The EHOP series of collaboration beers with other employee-owned breweries is one of employee-owned Harpoon's more interesting projects. This beer is also notable as Colorado's Odell is a great brewery but one that does not have distribution in Massachusetts. The oats in this pale ale provide a different malt backbone than your typical APA, with some creamy nuttiness, this is a smooth easy drinking beer that won't be a challenge to finish. Seems Harpoon has learned a thing or two in thirty years of brewing!
Retorto Daughter Of Autumn 11.2oz
Now that we've loaded you up with American beers, how about a nice scotch ale from... Italy? Strange. But this is a classic, dark, rich, very peaty scotch style ale with quite a bit of smokiness from an exciting new Italian craft brewery. 


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