Az. Ag. Angelo Negro e Figli

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A historically significant winery whose origins date back to 1670, the Negro family winery, with Giovanni still at the helm, is one of the indisputable legends of Roero. Together with his wife Maria Elisa and four children, Gabriele, Angelo, Emanuela, and Giuseppe, this is the truest embodiment of a family winery. Upon our visit a couple years ago, we were guided around the vineyards by Emanuela, walked through the winery with Angelo, and enjoyed a feast prepared by Mary Elisa, at a large table surrounded by the whole family and staff. 


Today, Negro observes organic practices while managing a staggering 64 hectares. Perhaps Giovanni's claim to fame is that he was the first to bottle a dry version of arneis, back in 1971. The house continues to make some of the finest versions of that local variety. We were pleasantly surprised to find several profoundly satisfying nebbiolo-based wines, most notably Sudisfà, a small production made of the estate's best fruit each vintage. We are pleased to offer a small amount of the 2013 vintage, one that we're sure will age beautifully for decades, for those with the patience to wait. 


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