Beer Pass is here!

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Beer Pass is here!

After months of deliberation, we’ve launched the beer version of the Streetcar Monthly Pass. The Beer Pass will provide the adventurous beer drinker with a box of new and interesting beers each month. Expect a steady mix of all things hoppy, malty, pale, dark, wild, sour, spicy, fruity … all kinds of beers! We’ve decided not to limit ourselves to any formula of format, so expect small and large, bottles and cans, in singles, 4-, and 6-packs. The amount of beer you receive each month might vary somewhat, but the value of the beers provided will always exceed what you’ve paid. To be clear: if you only drink IPA, the Beer Pass is not for you. But if the idea of a box full of unique brews exploring the ever-expanding world of beer is appealing… well, all aboard!! So, how does it work? Simple, really.


Choose 3, 6, or 12 months at $50 per month, pre-paid. (If you’re purchasing online, simply adjust the quantity accordingly – 2 would be 6 months, 4 would be 12 months)


We’ll announce that your share is ready to pick up via email on roughly the first Friday of the month.


Present your Beer Pass to redeem your purchase.


What are you waiting for?