Alumni of Randall Graham’s Bonny Doon Vineyards Alex Krause (pictured at right) and John Locke launched Birichino with the inaugural release of their malvasia bianco from the 2008 vintage. Right away, this should tell you that their going about making wine in California in a less conventional way. Malvasia of one form or another may have been propagated by Italian immigrants in California in the 19th century, but commercial viability has largely eluded the variety/(varieties). After a few years of Eric Asimov teasing us with his unconditional praise of Birichino, we finally have access to the wines here in Massachusetts. It was clear in tasting with Krause in Cambridge a couple months ago that the aim here is to produce wines that are lower alcohol, food friendly, and enjoyment-driven, descriptors that may not be appropriate for the bulk of wine currently being produced in California.


Please join us Friday, June 10th, 5-7 pm, as we taste Birichino malvasia, vin gris (rosé), pinot noir, grenache, and muscat canelli. Enjoy a 10% discount on these wines throughout the month of June.




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