About an hour’s drive north of the Langhe lies the Canavese countryside. Compared to Barolo and its overwhelming vistas of vineyards stretching toward the horizon, Cieck’s vineyards in the comune of San Giorgio Canavese give a feeling of bleak, beautiful solitude. Octogenarian Remo Falconieri still supervises all aspects of his thirty-year-old estate, along with his daughter Lia and right hand man Domenico Caretto. The most significant variety here is erbaluce, which produces a light, elegant white wine, either still or sparkling. The trio of reds produced by Cieck succinctly illustrate the range of what is possible for red wine in Canavese: a regionally traditional barbera-based field blend, a distinctive version of the noble nebbiolo, and perhaps the only example in pure of neretto (full name neretto di San Giorgio), which was once a much more prolific variety.


As wine professionals, we often try to attach the concept of authenticity to a wine or winery (read: “real wine”, etc.). This may be code for a sort of manifested tie to something necessarily old and perhaps fallen out or favor or currency; or the gentle melancholy associated with the rediscovery of some long-lost, once-revered object. The wines of Cieck are this authentic.


We’re pleased to offer these wines for the first time in Massachusetts, and throughout the month of November at 10% off our normal shelf price.






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