Daterra Viticultores

Daterra Viticultores

Design by Guillotina Estudio


Laura Lorenzo recently made the leap from a decade of work as head winemaker for Dominio do Bibei to starting her own winery. As the name would suggest, she seems at home in the natural world of the vineyard, where her focus has been to re-establish the natural connection between the ancient, nearly abandoned vineyards of Ribeira Sacra with the grape varieties that once thrived there. She works a constellation of plots scattered throughout these stunning hills, the sight of which, even on Instagram, is capable of taking your breath away.


Mixed old plantings of mouraton, mencia, garnacha tintorera, marenzao, gran negro, and other less known varieties go into the first red we’ve brought in, “Azos de Vila”. For the whites, “Erea” is predominantly 80- to 120-year-old godello, while “Gavela” is old vine palomino. Just a couple of years into her new project, we have the sense that Lorenzo is just scratching the surface.


Please join us Friday, October 7, 5-7 pm for a first taste of Laura Lorenzo’s Daterra Viticultores.