End of Year Update

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End of Year Update

Whew!  This is taking longer than I thought it would.  While I knew it was optimistic to try to open by the end of the year, it turns out I was truly naïve to the vagaries of the city’s bureaucrats, among other things.  I’m no more sure of the updated timeline than I was three months ago, even though important progress has been made.  Namely, there is now a logo (see above).  Considerable work has been done to the site, even though it seems to be more of the destructive variety than the constructive.  The continued support of the neighborhood, for which I’m hugely thankful, should facilitate the zoning and licensing processes going forward.  So while the doors aren’t yet open, as I had imagined would be the case by now, I try to remind myself and my supporters that it’s not a question of “if”,  but of “when”.  So when?  Maybe March?  Ask me again in March.




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