Franck Peillot

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Franck Peillot

December Winery of the Month: Franck Peillot

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more staunch advocate for a wine region than Franck Peillot in Montagnieu. It may also be said that no wine region rests more of its reputation on a single producer. Montagnieu and Bugey are two of France's newest AOC's, only having been given official status in 2009 (before that they were lowly VDSQ). 


Franck Peillot is the fifth generation to work the vines and make the wines on his estate in the Bugey, which lies about 60 km northeast of Lyon. Favoring the regional varieties altesse and mondeuse in their rightful home in these steep Alpine slopes, he also has a single hectare planted to a distinctive clone of pinot noir called pinot droit, from which a few hundred cases of wine are produced in a good vintage.


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