Monthly Pass

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Monthly Pass

We’re excited to offer a new way to explore the vast, and often intimidating, world of wine. For a lot of us, there isn’t enough time in the day to think, let alone attend a tasting or read a hundred back labels. The Monthly Pass gives you a carefully selected package of wines to take home each month, with online access to information about each wine (at least enough to be dangerous). Like all the wines we sell in the shop, the wines selected for the Monthly Pass will be made by conscientious producers, the vast majority of which are farming organically and making wines with real integrity.

So, how does it work? Simple, really.

1: Choose 3, 6 ,or 12 months.

2: Choose two bottles at $30 per month, four at $55, six at $75, or a case of twelve at $145 per month.

3: Let us know if you absolutely can’t stand red, white, rosé, or sparkling wines.

4: We’ll announce that this month’s pickup is ready via our email list on the first Thursday of each month, or thereabouts.

5: Present your Monthly Pass to redeem your purchase.

As an added introductory bonus, for the remainder of the year, present your Monthly Pass to receive 10% off any wine you purchase in the store.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Sign up today to start picking up in October!