Please help a friend. And drink a Riesling.

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Peter Tryba was my boss at the first wine job I ever had, and over the course of two years, he taught me just about everything I needed to know to get started in the wine business. He is infinitely patient, generous, intense, creative, and hilarious. For many years, he has a degenerative kidney condition that will require transplant very soon. His family has been asking for money to help cover the astronomical costs surrounding the procedure and time of recovery. Streetcar will donate 20% of its sales all day Saturday to the Tryba family’s fundraising effort.


We’ll be pouring all kinds of riesling for most of the day. Peter’s maniacal enthusiasm for the wines of Germany and Austria no doubt had an effect on my own preferences, as evidenced by the overflowing nature of that section of Streetcar. Three equally persuasive and passionate wine professionals, Derek from Atlantic, Martin from Oz, and Howard from Vineyard Research will take turns pouring some of their favorite rieslings from 3-7 pm.


I hope we’re starting to get beyond the “riesling is too sweet” mentality, but if not, here’s our 3-point response:

1: Sometimes riesling is sweet, sometimes it isn’t.
2: To paraphrase our friend Terry Theise, “Let me go on a picnic with anyone who doesn’t like sweetness, so I can eat all the perfectly ripe strawberries and he can eat all the shitty, sour ones at the bottom of the carton.”
3: While the sugar/acidity balance can be thrilling or off-putting depending on your palate, what’s truly transcendant about riesling is its ability to translate the information of the soil in fully illuminated transparency.


If you can’t make it Saturday, please consider DONATING NOW.

Also, this is happening tomorrow: