Porta del Vento

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Porta del Vento, under the direction of owner/winemaker Marco Sferlazzo, sits 2,000 feet above Palermo, near the village of Camporeale, an area of Sicily where nature can be very harsh. Long ago, farmers knew to plant the vines northward, to protect them from the intense Mediterranean sun. These somewhat harsh conditions make organic viticulture easier, as pests find these conditions as uncomfortable as humans. Two ancient, native varieties thrive here: cataratto for sunny, racy whites, and perricone, for deeply fragrant, sumptuous reds. Sferlazzo experiments with several different styles for each grape, from still to frothy, white to red, just about all combinations therein. 

We're happy to introduce four wines from Porta del Vento: a still white cataratto, a sparkling white catarrato, a pink sparkling perricone, and a still red perricone. Stop by Friday, August 31, as Steve Gilarde from PSP Imports will be here to pour all four.

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