SBLP Certified

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This week we were awarded certification by the Sustainable business Network of Massachusetts (SBN), for completing their Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP).

So what did we do?

  • We replaced the majority of our lightbulbs with LEDs provided by Prism Energy Services.
  • We installed window shades to reduce the burden on HVAC units when the sun’s shining.
  • We properly set and insulated our hot water pipes.
  • We upgraded the windows in the back of our building to improve insulation.
  • We switched to greener soaps and paper products.
  • We switched to paperless billing for any companies that would allow it.
  • We switched to a local payroll company (Solex).

This was a gratifying process for us — both in knowing that we were doing our part to contribute to a more sustainable business community, and in that we were able to save some money. Katrina and Juan from SBN provided a straightforward, customized plan with plenty of support and resources along the way to completion. If you do business in the area, or know someone who does, we highly recommend learning more about how the SBLP would work with your business.