Special Visitor: Jean-François Bourdy

Special Visitor: Jean-François Bourdy

 Wine is able to encapsulate the moments of its growing season and harvest; and for those moments to be revealed to the one who opens the bottle and to those that drink its contents. The longer the span of time between broadcast and reception of this record of time, the more we feel its passage.


Jean-François Bourdy represents his family’s fifteen generations of contributions to the history of the Jura over the last half of a millennium. The Bourdy cellar still contains wines from the 18th Century, and has wines available for purchase from over a hundred years ago. This Friday, we have the incredible pleasure to host Jean-François Bourdy, as together we will sample a selection of the current releases, the formula for which hasn’t changed much since before the American Civil War. Already five years has passed since harvest, though history shows us that these are wines that may be enjoyed after we’ve all departed this world.


Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll even open something a little older…


Please don’t miss out!


Friday, October 9, 5-7 pm
Jean-François Bourdy