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We haven't forgotten about you, dear readers.

Our excuse for not writing in a couple weeks is that you and the rest of our community has overwhelmed us with support. We are all beyond grateful and beyond exhausted. We wholly appreciate that any success we have is entirely because of you, and in trying days like these, we feel that appreciation even more.

As we reel from the busiest month we've ever had, we all worry anxiously about those on the front lines and those less fortunate than us and commiserate with those who are experiencing indescribable loss. It will certainly be a while before we can really take an emotional inventory of all of this.

I'd like to thank the Streetcar team, each who has made the difficult decision to continue to work through it all, and work in ways they didn't imagine before this all started. Dave has probably spent more time on the phone in the last six weeks than he had in the previous six years. Dan's one request when he interviewed was that he not have to do too many deliveries, and for the moment he's a full-time delivery driver. Heather seems to thrive in the hubbub of retail personal interactions, and instead she's been slogging through weekend order assembly alone in the shop on Mondays. Heather even volunteered her son Ben to help us out with deliveries, when he should be busy doing homework. Huge thanks to each of you, and to everyone else who has helped fill in the gaps when we needed help.

My 17-month-old son Asher just learned how to give hugs.