Tissot: the new Pope?

Tissot: the new Pope?

With Jacques Puffeney’s papacy having ended a couple years ago, if one were to imagine the white smoke plumes billowing from the conclave’s chimney, Stephane Tissot might be the guy walking out of the chapel with the goofy hat and robes.


Tissot’s family estate has been producing wine in the northern reaches of the Jura region for generations, and he took the reins in the 90’s. Convinced of the necessity to remove chemicals from the vineyards, he moved the entire state to organic certification in 1999 and biodynamic certification in 2004. This is no small feat, considering the nearly 50 hectares of hilly land under vine; but the hard work paid dividends quickly, as his wines were among the first noticed in the new wave of interest in Jura over the last decade. He is considered among the most progressive winemakers in the region, known for his experimentation with different vessels (from small to large oak, and amphorae), and pushing the idea of multiple terroir-specific bottlings throughout the range, including vin jaune.


This month we’re featuring a sampling of Tissot’s current releases, from white and rosé crémant to chardonnay and wines made from the local varieties poulsard and trousseau. These are head-spinning wines that remind us why we like wine in the first place. Please join us Friday the 13th (eek!) to taste the wines for yourself. Or buy some right now!


Tissot Vineyard


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