2021 Da Cruz e Teles COZs POP

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COZs is a partnership between two of the most brilliant vignerons/winemakers from Portugal, Tiago Teles (Gilda, RAIZ) and Antonio Marques-da Cruz (Quinta da Serradinha). They've crafted a light, easy-going skin-contact wine with "POP". A good wine to add to your rotation as the weather warms.


VINEYARD: A two-hectare vineyard in the Serra de Montejunto, a mountain range in the region of Lisbon. This 35 year-old vineyard is planted on clay-limestone soils with Vital, a white varietal. Organically farmed.

VINIFICATION: The grapes are hand harvested and macerated/fermented in 20hl (about 528 gallons) concrete tanks.


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