2020 Ovum "Old Love"

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The grapes for this riesling-based blend were harvested from five vineyards planted throughout Oregon: Willamette, Eola-Amity, Columbia Gorge, Southern OR. All of the sites are focused on sustainable farming practices of dry farming, organic and minimal additions. Those vineyards which are not currently certified organic are in the midst of the certification process. Each site is chosen for its unique qualities that will each lend to the final wine. After a soak on skins (different amount of time depending on the site), the fruit was pressed into tank where native fermentation began. Then, approximately 35% of the juice was racked into a combination of amphora (structure and natural earthiness); acacia cask (heightens earthiness and rick textures); Austrian cask (textural complexity and rounding of high-toned aromatics); cement egg (pulls out minerality at the loss of fruit aromas); and neutral barrel (helps express secondary and tertiary flavors). After one lunar cycle, the wine contained in vessels was added back to the wine in stainless steel. Once fully-blended, 35% was placed back into amphora, casks, egg, and barrel. This process was repeated three times.

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