2019 Laura Aillaud Tout Feu Tout Femme

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100 % grenache noir.

After a career as a sommelier Laura returns to her native Luberon from where she launched her first vintage in 2017 as the crossroads of vineyard of the Rhône Valley and Provence. It was with Jean-Christophe Comor ( Domaine les Terres Promises ) that she made her first vinification, which pushed her want to be a winemaker. She started with 3ha in lease before buying 3ha which she decided to replant. The estate’s grape varieties are very diverse : grenache from around 50 years old, syrah, carignan, counoise, Hamburg muscat, vermentino, ugni blanc and roussanne. She favors fruit and easy drinking in a pure respect for the expression of the terroir. The land is lightly plowed but, when it is necessary, Laura does it by animal traction so as not to rush the land and the vines are naturally grassed to maintain freshness. Laura is making both Luberon and Vin de France wines with low levels or not all added sulphites. We really fall in love with the honesty and generosity that emanate from Laura’s wines.

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