Chertok Emet

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Note from Chertok winemaker Max Rose:

Even before I made my first wine, I was dreaming of Emet. The name means ‘Truth’ in Hebrew and it is a reference to the Golem mythology, a protector made of clay brought to life by the inscription of Emet upon its forehead. The wine is a co-fermentation of Marquette, Frontenac and Crescent done as my other grape wines are. At the end of fermentation I press and load the pomace into an American-made, clay Onggi, a south Korean style of amphora used for food fermentation. After six months additional maceration I press again and transfer to glass for a little more aging. I’m stoked to unreasonable proportions about the way this came out. It’s my second shot at doing this and the first one was NOT a success but with a little tweaking it’s become something I absolutely adore. Of all the wines, this could definitely benefit from some additional aging if you wanted to let it really go somewhere profound but it’s also crazy delicious right now sooooo have at it!


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