Chertok Cidre

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Note from Chertok winemaker Max Rose: 

Okie dokie, this cider was a whole process. The apples are picked from a semi-abandoned orchard in New Hampshire. We pulled mostly from a little section planted to a crazy array of old cider varieties but the owner didn’t have a map so I was picking based on taste and instinct. All the apples were cured for 2-4 weeks, macerated for four weeks with some grape pomace added here and there before pressing to glass to VERY SLOWLY ferment through the winter. We had to pack up our winery last week to make way for the new owners but Cidre was still fermenting so what’s in the bottle is very much alive. It’s in the very last stretch but if you pop it now it’s in that Norman level of very slight sweetness and if you wait it’ll dry out and get fizzy. I love this stuff. It’s got this delicate chamomile, meadowy aromatic profile with a silken, more wine-like texture and a botanical bitterness on the finish that I find pretty addictive… This is the ONLY wine with any added sulfite. I gave it a modest squirt of 15 ppm at blending because one of the lots was a touch acetic and I wanted to keep this pretty clean. 

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