Mirco Marrioti Set e Mez

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Made from the rare variety Fortana, also known as Rapa in the Swiss canton of Ticino*. These Fortana vines are on native rootstock and over a hundred years old. Fortana is low-alcohol and high-acid. Yet, like many native Italian reds, it’s got some pretty rustic-rusty tannins. Vinification of these tannic varieties as a light red or rosato, instead of a hearty red, often yields something more delicious and versatile at the dinner (or playing-card) table. Sèt e Mèz (Seven and a Half) is this rosato-ish wine, named after a card game similar to Blackjack. The wine is savory – think onion skin, sage, and a red-berry briskness, with an understated tannic twang.

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