2015 G.D. Vajra Langhe Riesling

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Aldo Vajra was amongst the first to use Riesling in Piedmont. He was looking for a blend of German and Alsatian styles. The first vineyard dedicated to Riesling was Fossati, located at the very highest part of the Comune of Barolo and facing the morning sun. The soil, has a singular grav- elly-sandy composition.The second vineyard, facing north-east, can be found in the well-known region Bertone (in the Comune of Sinio), a lower hillside, distinctive for its calcareous and homogenous soil. Hand picked lots of riesling come from numerous passes through the vineyards. Soft pressing and brief stabilization is carried out before fermentation which lasts approximately 15-20 days. The Riesling continues its aging in steel tanks and, is bottled in the Spring following harvest.

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