La Lata Rebujito 4pk

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Rebujito is a refreshing mix of dry fino sherry and real lemon juice. The version we’ve always known is Fino or Manzanilla mixed with Sprite served over ice with a mint leaf, if anything at all. Similar one might say to the Sherry Cobbler, but lighter. Our version is an 8 year old Pedro Ximenez Fino from Bodegas Robles in Montilla-Moriles mixed with lemon juice, a touch of grapefruit juice for extra brix, and a little bit of fizz for the elevated lift. It is meant to be thirst quenching and refreshing as it is usually pretty hot during that that time of year, especially inside of the crowded casetas (tents) which our designs were inspired on.

Serve over ice and add mint leaf, or chilled right out of the can at the beach.

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