Masot (Prosecco) Colfondo Colli Trevigiani

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In 2009, brothers Andrea and Daniele Da Ros started a new winemaking operation (dubbed "Masot - Fiabe di Vino") on their family's land in the small town of Sarmede, Veneto. The latest generation of "Masot" (translation: small landowner) to work the vineyards, the brothers are practitioners of low-intervention, biodynamic viticulture, aiming to make Prosecco with a sense of place. Their "Colfondo" Prosecco is a style you might be unfamiliar with. It's the ancient method of making Prosecco and a consortium of  winemakers have revived the style in recent years. The modern method of making Prosecco involves putting the finished wine in pressurized steel tanks (the charmat method), filtering, then bottling under cork and cage. "Col Fondo" Prosecco takes the fully fermented wine, then initiates a second fermentation in the bottle with the lees/sediment in the bottle ("Col Fondo" means "with the bottom"). There is no filtering or disgorgement and the bottle is placed under crown cap. The result is a lightly sparkling, yeasty, sometimes funky and sour wine that's typically drier than your typical prosecco. The Masot Colfondo has plenty of citrus and peach flavor with a bit of yeastiness and barely there bubbles that'll be a nice anytime pour, especially with some salty snacks. 

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