Mommenpop California Aperitif "Blood Orange"

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Mommenpop BLOOD ORANGE is refreshing, rich, and vibrant. It is citrus-forward and juicy, as though biting straight into a perfectly ripe blood orange. This flavor is peppery and floral, with a subtle warmth. What you might want to drink while you have fresh tomato sauce simmering on the stove and Miles Davis on vinyl. Delicious pre-dinner while snacking on olives, during dinner with your favorite pasta dish, and after dinner with some salt-studded dark chocolate.

Mommenpop BLOOD ORANGE is made from Pinot Noir wine, Moro and Sanguinelli blood oranges, and the following botanicals:

ORRIS ROOT // A fragrant and floral root used in many gin products.
VANILLA BEAN // Subtly sweet and fragrant, helps to bring out the natural sweetness of the blood orange.
CUBEB PEPPER // A pungent aroma with hints of allspice. Brings a subtle heat and a tinge of bitterness.

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