Muri "Passing Clouds" Non-Alcoholic Sparkling

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Muri Drinks is an innovative beverage producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2020 by Murray Paterson, a UK expat living in Copenhagen, Muri is pushing the realm of possibility in non-alcoholic drinks through fermentation, foraging, and blending. Muri is informed and inspired by the gastronomic community in Copenhagen, particularly the city’s expertise in fermentation techniques. Muri Drinks is obsessed with flavor and relentless in its pursuit of a quality beverage that is complex and deeply satisfying, with or without alcohol, and changing perceptions around the no- and low-alcohol space.

Muri’s first release is named after a beloved nightclub in Northeast London. Passing Clouds is a sparkling cuvée of fermented gooseberries, quince kefir, jasmine tea, and woodruff & geranium kvass that blends a series of short fermentations to achieve its fresh, sparkling profile. In restaurants, it’s generally served as an aperitif or an alternative to sparkling or white wine. Passing Clouds is dry but with multiple dimensions of flavors and a vinous funkiness. Complex, floral, and sparkling, it is reminiscent of skin-contact pét-nats.

Gooseberries are fermented with pichia kluyveri yeast before being enriched with organic gooseberry juice. The gooseberry wine lends acidity, and fermentation by pichia kluyveri yeast provides aromatic floral notes. Quince water kefir lends the fruit-forward palate, and organic, cold-brewed jasmine tea accentuates the aromatics. Finally, caramel malt is inoculated with sourdough starter and then infused with geranium and foraged woodruff to lend autolytic, toasty-brioche notes found in Champagne. The various layers are blended together in stainless steel tanks before being carbonated to 2.5 bar. Passing Clouds is nonalcoholic, has no added sulfites, and is pasteurized. No artificial additives, flavors, or preservatives.

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