Natchbox v.3 (all new wines!)

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Natchbox is a revolving selection of six bottles of natural wine.

While the term "natural wine" has been debated and redefined to the point of near meaninglessness, our stance is this: we should include all reasonable attempts at doing the right thing in the vineyard and winery. Certifications aside, the philosophies and techniques that have come to be known as organic and biodynamic viticulture are important, though who are we to tell a farmer they shouldn't save their vineyard from catastrophe with the only tool at their disposal if it happens to be a manmade chemical? Along those lines, making wine without adding sulfur is a worthwhile aim, but adding a little at bottling may objectively do more good than harm. We love that the natural wine "scene" has broadened our horizons beyond "red or white" to include orange wine, light red, dark rosé, pet nat and piquette. All of those may appear in the Natchbox.

Keep your mind open and your glass full!

version 3, released March 26

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