2019 Xarmant Txakoli

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Welcome to Basque country! The land stretching west along the Atlantic from San Sebastian is home to a long winemaking history. It has been established that the grape varieties made famous in Bordeaux have Basque origins, with the grape hondarribi beltza bearing very close genetic resemblance to cabernet franc. There is only one producer in Arabako today producing any real quantities. This winery, whose name is the same as the denomination, Arabako Txakolina (also known as Xarmant), was founded in 1989. Twelve growers decided to pool their resources and establish the denomination. They named the wine they created Xarmant: “charming” in French, and a fitting reflection of its nature. The wine is fermented in stainless steel, and only indigenous yeasts are used so that the grapes reflect the true qualities of the unique soil and site. In accordance with the style in this part of the Basque Country, Xarmant is bottled with less residual carbon dioxide than most txakolinas. Bring anything salty or fried to the table for this ultra-quencher.

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