Dominio del Urogallo Asturias La Fanfarria

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Spain’s northern coastal region Asturias is far better known for its apple orchards and delicious dry ciders than it is for wine, despite the fact that wine has been made here for nearly 10 centuries. The cooler climate and slate and quartz rich soils of Asturias lend particularly well to producing lighter, more acid-driven reds and minerally whites. The principal grape varieties grown here are mencia, carrasquin, albarin tinto (red mutation of albariño), and verdejo negro (trousseau), as well as albariño and albillo for whites. Nicolas Marcos is one of a handful of growers whose hard work is helping to elevate Asturia’s wine reputation. Originally from Toro, he now runs a 14 hectare biodynamic farm and produces a handful of wines from the region’s traditional grapes. “La Fanfarria” is made of equal parts mencia and albarin tinto, hand-picked and vinified half in steel and half in barrel, with indigenous yeasts. This red is full of easy, high-toned fruit, with a mineral finish that makes it as fun-loving as its label suggests. Try this with a pizza margherita or mussels in a tomato broth.
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