Coturri “Red”

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Tony Coturri is a legendary old-school California winemaker, and one who was making natural wine before we knew what to call it. The style of his red wines hearkens to the days when the object was to achieve the ripest possible fruit, producing wines stronger in alcohol and more intense in flavor than anything coming out of France or Italy. He continues on this path with most of his wines, trends be damned. This wine is one mild concession to the current trend of lighter, more European-style Californian wines. From the Massachusetts distributor (Tony doesn’t publish information about this wine on his web site), it’s a blend of 40% rosé of carignan, 40% rosé of syrah, and 20% red Carignan. From the look and taste of this wine, we think the term “rosé” is being used loosely, perhaps just acknowledging a shorter maceration time, though still likely longer than typical for Provençal rosé. Here’s what we’re sure about with this wine: it is decidedly old-school in profile; it is definitely a Coturri wine; and, it’s more Californian than most Californian wine.
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