Winery of the Month: Sierra de Toloño

We had the good fortune to meet Sandra Bravo and taste her spectacular wines last month when she paid a visit to our friends Taberna de Haro in Brookline. In the months leading up the tasting, we were really at a loss as to which Rioja to put on our shelves. There's no shortage of good wine, with many established producers continuing to evolve and maintain pre-industrial traditions. More often than not, we've found something missing. Sandra Bravo knows exactly what that is. 

"I am obsessed with natural acidity. Sierra de Toloño is about the gift of freshness."

Sandra began her project just ten years ago, after working at wineries in famous wine regions the world over, penultimately spending seven years in Priorat. She is the first woman we've encountered to start her own winery in Rioja. It's difficult to overstate just how intense and complicated it must have been to get her project off the ground. After spending some time with Sandra, it's clear she's just the type of person who is undaunted by even the most significant of challenges. She turned some heads early on when she started asking her neighbors about this or that abandoned vineyard. Now that she garnered a reputation as a force in Rioja, the neighbors are knocking on her door!

From fresh eyes to fresh wines! Yes, natural acidity is at the core of her wines, from the completely unique expression of viura to her trio of tempranillo-based reds, to her profound and elegant garnacha. We couldn't be more excited for this much-needed Spanish infusion. Bravo, indeed!