2018 La Berangeraie Cahors "Cuvee Maurin"

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variety: malbec
appellation: Cahors, France

Domaine la Berangerie is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and as one of the most recognized, top producers in Cahors, there is much to celebrate. Now a second generation winery run by Maurin Beranger and his wife Marlene, the evolution of their wine is as striking as that of their 85-acre estate, which encompasses a dairy farm and an impressive gîte. Regarding the wine, whose production was certified organic in 2011, it has simply never been better. Whereas ten years ago it was more heavy, dark, and unapproachably tannic in its youth (typical of Cahors in general), the most recent vintage is delightfully fragrant, fresh on the palate, and exquisitely balanced. Ten years ago when we would recommend Cahors to someone looking for Mendoza, they would inevitably be disappointed. Now we think the transition would be easier. Try this charmer with mushroom risotto, coq au vin, or the best sheep's milk cheese you can find.

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