2021 Denthis "Lost" Peloponnese

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Denthis is a project of importer Eklektikon, whose work over the last decade bringing to light conscientious Greek winemakers has changed the landscape for Greek wines in the US. This joyful little white is a collaboration with a small grower in the peninsular Peloponnese region of southern Greece. The story goes that the winemaker had intended to clarify and filter this white, but he forgot, likening it to a goat that lost its way. The current version is lightly filtered but not fined, leaving a subtle haze. Dry, medium-bodied, smooth drinking, oily texture, citrus notes and a refreshing acidic finish, this would be great with chicken souvlaki with tzatziki and a Greek salad. Calamari, be it fried, grilled, or tinned, sounds nice too.

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