2021 Colle di Catone Frascati Superiore

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Winemaker Antonio Pulcini works in an ancient villa overlooking Rome, whose 2000 year old, catacomb-like cellar features a 300 A.D. Christian altar.  It’s surrounded by vineyards planted on southwest-facing slopes of volcanic tufa soils; sites that are rich in a diverse array of minerals. Pulcini has long been an advocate for preserving the ancient grape varieties of Lazio, tearing out most of his younger malvasia di candia and trebbiano vines and replacing them with Malvasia del Lazio and Grechetto. He makes an array of wines but the best introduction to his style is his rendition of Frascati Superiore. He incorporates 40% malvasia del lazio into the conventional blend of malvasia di candia and trebbiano, and through his fastidious viticulture and famously low yields creates a wine that rises above the often frivolous whites that predominate in the region. The wine is macerated on the skins for 4-5 days with indigenous yeasts, then aged on the lees and vinified entirely in steel. The result is soft and aromatic with flavors of yellow fruit, almond and crushed rocks. Try pairing this wine with some appetizers like bruschetta or smoked fish, or go for the full Roman experience and have it ride sidecar with a big bowl of Cacio e Pepe. 

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