2019 Vignerons Ardechois Chardonnay "Les Classiques"

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Unreasonably good Chardonnay at a reasonable price!

Cepage: 100% Chardonnay

Soil Composition: Clay-Limestone

Area of Production: A terroir known locally as Gravette in the Ardeche. The Chardonnay vineyards were planted starting in the 1960s around Valvignères - an area known for producing great wines dating back to the Romans. The name is derived from the Latin for valley of wine.

Age of Vines: 20-60 years old. 

Viticulture: Sustainable. Since the creation of the coop in the 1960s, the Vignerons Ardechois have used a decentralized system where 12 local vinification centers receive grapes from the nearby vineyards and produced in the Cave de Valvignères.

Vinification/Elevage: Stainless steel. 

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