2017 F. Principiano Langhe Rosso

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GROWING AREA: Sant'Anna and Montagliato vineyards in the Monforte commune of the Langhe FARMING: No synthetic chemical herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers or pesticides. Copper and sulphur treatments used sparingly. VINEYARD: 2.5 Ha ALTITUDE: 500 m / 1,640 ft SOILS: Clay, sand and limestone VARIETIES: 50% Barbera, 30% Dolcetto, 20% Nebbiolo VINE AGE: from 10 to 35 years old VINE TRAINING: Guyot HARVEST DATE: Beginning of September for the Dolcetto, end of September for the Barbera and beginning of October for the Nebbiolo YEASTS: Spontaneous fermentation with ambient yeast FERMENTATION & ÉLEVAGE: Each variety is fermented separately for 15-20 days, at 25-28°C in stainless steel vats. Élevage for 10 months in stainless steel and then in bottle MALOLACTIC FERMENTATION: Yes. Right after the alcoholic fermentation SULPHUR: 30 mg/L added ALCOHOL: 13.0% ANNUAL PRODUCTION: 1,000 cases

Principiano’s Langhe Nebbiolo Rosso is spot on house style: aromatic natural wines with a watermark of traditional Barolo Serralunga terroir. Yet, here there’s the twists that the grape varieties give. The early picked Barbera gives a - drink it all now - sour fruit element, the Dolcetto dials in some inky bass-bitter notes, the Nebbiolo keeps everything from turning disco and gives structure and elegance. With some bottle age, this is one of those lovely highly drinkable but fine wines, a wine that unites everyone at the table, from wine geeks to noobs, and everyone with a glass in between. ________________________________

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