2020 Zlatan Otok "Bilo Idro" Plavac Mali

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Zlatan Otok was founded in 1986 by Zlatan Plenkovic. Becoming an official winery in 1991, it was only the second private winery in Croatia formed in the wake of Yugoslavian communism. The winery was established in a small fishing village called Sveta Nedjelja, about an hour drive from Hvar City, the main city on Hvar. Zlatan was a poor fisherman who, quite literally, hustled his way to create the second largest private winery in Croatia. Zlatan Plenković passed in March 2016 and the winery is now operated by his children Nikola, Marin and Antonia. The "Bilo Idro" wines, a white and this red, were produced to accommodate patrons of the winery's new restaurant who were looking for easy-to-drink wines that wouldn't interfere with the stunning views of the Adriatic. This red truly fits that bill, though it offers the charming sea essence salinity typical of this variety when grown along the Croatian coast. We include this wine timed perfectly to the peak of summer harvest, as it loves tomato, eggplant, peppers, etc., in all forms. 

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